Bonus Features

Norm's Car Care is a mere 100 yards away and is the most ethical and professional mechanic we've ever done business with. We recently realized the benefit of living uphill from Norm's when our car wouldn't start one morning. The car coasted all the way to a parking place at Norm's, no pushing required!
A Street Market is one of the secret gems of this neighborhood. It has all of the perks of a boutique grocery store plus affordable prices, fabulous weekly specials and they double coupons! It is only 7 blocks away and an easy walk with groceries.
Bus Route 41/40 is 1 block away (in front of Norm's Car Care).
Just 10 blocks from here you will find:
The Lincoln Children's Zoo
The Sunken Gardens
Great Plains Trails
Antelope Park
And most importantly, we have the best neighbors! I wish we could move them with us.